Smart IOT Hardware for Energy monitoring

Maxee Technology + API

The easiest, most advanced, wireless energy data logger

The next level of IOT

Unlock your Internet of Energy Things

 Easy to use

Our well-documented API is compatible with any Energy Monitoring Software (EMS) or Building Management System (BMS).

 Plug 'n Play

Thanks to the IOT technology, the installation is very fast and easy.

 Long lifespan

Thanks to the LoRa ™ technology, the Maxee hardware is future proof.

Maxee sensor

 Smart Hardware for Energy Monitoring

Internet of Things (IOT) technology

Connects all your energy meters

Extreme wireless range

Maxee cockpit for device management

Integrated open platform API

Independent of local ICT infrastructure

Easily installed within minutes

No more cabling work

Innovation into industry 4.0


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