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Data Structure


  • Company: IKEA
    • Division1: IKEA Store Antwerp
      • Gateway 1:
        • Sensor1:
          • Channel1: Main Electricity consumption Store Antwerp
          • Channel2: Main Gas consumption Store Antwerp
        • Sensor2:
    • Division2: IKEA Store Hasselt
      • Channel1: Main Electricity consumption Store Hasselt

Each physical measurement (eg: electricity meter) is connected to a Maxee Sensor. A Maxee Sensor can connect three physical energy meters. The Maxee Sensor sends the measurement data together with some other sensor meta data to the Maxee Gateway. Each of these physical measurements and sensor meta data, are called a ‘Channels’. Each of these Channels have a unique identifier called the ‘Channel_id’. The data of all Maxee Sensors is collected in the Maxee Gateway, which sends the data to the Maxee Cockpit (Cloud server), from where the data can be downloaded by means of API-calls.

In the Maxee Cockpit, the data is structured as following:

Each Maxee Sensor is connected to a Maxee Gateway. The Maxee Gateway is linked to a ‘Division’ and the Division is linked to a ‘Company’. Each Company can have multiple divisions. Each division can have multiple measurements (Channels)