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Configuring a Maxee sensor

You can configure the Maxee sensor by means of the Maxee configurator.

(See also: How to connect to the Maxee Sensor).

First you need to read the parameter settings stored in the Maxee Sensor. To do so, launch the Maxee configurator and connect to the Maxee Sensor. Hold the phone on the NFC spot till the you hear the djingle. The actual parameters have been transferred to the Maxee configurator and can be consulted on the ‘Data’-tab of the application.

In the ‘Basics’-tab, you can change the configuration. (For instance the first pulse should be counted only on the raising of the pulse and the reading interval is 15minutes)

Maxee Configurator – Basics tab

The new configuration needs to be pushed back to the Maxee Sensor. This can be done by pushing the ‘Write’-button (lower right corner of the app) and activate the NFC (see: How to connect to the Maxee Sensor).