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Linking your Maxee sensor to a gateway

Right out of the box, a Maxee sensor needs to be paired with a Maxee Gateway. This only needs to be done one time for each Maxee sensor.

  1. Put the Maxee Gateway in ‘listening’ mode. This can be done by pushing the button for 3seconds in the Maxee Gateway. LED1_Mode starts blinking…
  2. Push the button in the Maxee Sensor to pair the Maxee sensor with the Maxee gateway. The LED on the Maxee Sensor will blink 2x green.
  3. Add more Maxee Sensors if needed.
  4. Switch the Maxee Gateway back to normal operation. Push the button on the Maxee Gateway to stop the ‘listening mode’ and switch back to normal operation.

The linking process can also be used to test if a Maxee sensor is within the range of a Maxee Gateway. This process can be executed as much as needed for the range tests.