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How to connect to a Maxee Sensor?

In order to connect to a Maxee Sensor, you need to launch de Maxee configurator app and tick the screen to start the application.

Activate the Maxee configurator

Bring the smartphone close to the NFC spot to read the current settings of the Maxee sensor.

In order to do so, bring the phone in a smooth movement to the NFC-spot on the back of the Maxee Sensor. After holding the phone for 4 seconds a jingle sound indicates the Sensor has been correctly read. (Gently hit the Smartphone on the Maxee sensor. The phone movement and the gentle hit will activate the NFC-communication.)

NFC-spot on Maxee sensor

The NFC antenna is integrated in your smartphone and is located on the backside in the middle of the phone. You may need to activate the NFC in the settings on the smartphone.

If your phone does not automatically detect the Sensor, click the ‘Read’ button in the Maxee configurator app and try again. (gently hit the phone in a smooth movement on the NFC-spot). The same procedure is valid for writing the updated configuration back to the Maxee Sensor.