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What makes Maxee so different?

There are many IOT systems available on the market. What makes the Maxee technology so different for energy monitoring?

The Maxee technology has been developed by field engineers with a large experience in energy monitoring. The system has been optimized for the challenges particular to energy monitoring.

The system has been designed for:

  • Deep penetration in buildings
  • Fast roll-out (plug-and-play)
  • Secure and reliable connections
  • No use of local ICT infrastructure
  • No cabling work
  • Connect to any existing energy meter with pulse or analogue output
  • Central management of Maxee sensors and gateways
  • Covering large sites
  • Ease of configuration
  • Connect to any application via Rest API
  • Deep penetration in buildings

Energy monitoring is very particular as energy meters are often installed in technical rooms in cellars. Traditional IOT solutions can not reach these locations. The Maxee technology has been optimized for deep penetration in buildings. This insures a smooth communication with the servers.

  • Optimized for installers

The Maxee technology has been designed by field engineers. The technology is optimized for fast and easy installation. No complex configuration processes.

  • Long Range

Energy meters are often installed all over the place and do serve multiple buildings. The Maxee technology allows a very long communication range, making sure all meters can be connected.

  • Independent of local ICT infrastructure

The Maxee technology is independent of any local ICT infrastructure. This allows a fast roll-out without endless meetings with ICT. The Maxee technology does not create security holes by opening Router-ports.

  • Optimized data usage

The data-flow is very much optimized to reduce the data volume. This allows the Maxee technology to use M2M-communication, resulting in a very low data communication cost.

  • Reliability and secure

The system is very reliable. The hardware is designed to automatically recover from abnormal situations such as powerdrops, internet not available, server outages etc…

Example: in case of an internet failure, the Maxee gateway will locally store the measurements for multiple months. The data will be sent as soon as the internet connection is back.

  • Open technology

The Maxee technology stores the data in a Maxee-API server. All data can be easily transferred to an energy monitoring systems (EMS) or building management systems (BMS) via a rest API.

  • Long lasting battery

In comparison to traditional IOT systems, the Maxee sensor consumes much less energy. The batteries last for many years. You can see the battery status in the Maxee Cockpit.