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LED’s on the Maxee Gateway

The Maxee Gateway has a number of leds to indicate the status.

There are two important leds for installation purposes:

  • LED1_Mode: The led next to the configuration button indicates whether the gateway is in normal operational mode or configuration mode.
  • LED2_GSM: Indicates the Mobile connection with the server is up and running.
Maxee Gateway LEDS

In normal operation, LED1 & 2 are green or green blinking, the 4-20mA led is red.

When powering on the Maxee gateway, LED1 blinks red for 2-3seconds and turns into green blinking for normal operation mode.

The LED2 blinks red/orange for about 20seconds. It turns green when the connection with the Maxee API servers has been successfully made.

Note that the 4-20mA LED lits (red) when no connection is made to this input. This is normal as 0mA indicates a broken cable.

When you press the button for 3seconds, the Maxee gateway turns into configuration mode. This mode allows you to connect additional Maxee sensors. In configuration mode, the LED1 blinks red and green. Pushing the button again (short), turns the Maxee gateway back into normal operational mode.