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Understanding the Maxee technology

The Maxee technology consists of a Maxee gateway and one or more Maxee sensors.

The Maxee gateway centralises all measurement data from the different Maxee sensors in a site and ensures a smooth transfer of the measurement data to the Maxee API-servers. The Maxee Gateway uses M2M (Machine-to-Machine GPRS) technology to communicate with the Maxee API-servers.

Maxee technology principle

The Maxee technology is a standalone system and does not require any cabling work or configuration on local ICT infrastructure such as routers and gateways.

The data transfer is very optimized and reduces the data use on GPRS to an absolute minimum.

From the Maxee API-server the data can be sent to any application by means of a rest API.

All Maxee devices are managed from a central application, the Maxee Cockpit.

The Maxee sensor communicates with the Maxee Gateway by means of LoRa-technology. This LoRa communication has been very much optimized for energy monitoring purposes, ensuring a deep penetration in the building to reach technical rooms which are often located in cellars.

The existing energy meters in a building or process, are connected to a Maxee sensor. The Maxee sensors are installed close to the existing energy meters and do not require external power supply. The user replaceable battery (3,6V) lasts for 7years. Although the sensor can be powered externally as well. The Maxee Gateway is powered by an external 230V powerplug. The Maxee technology is independent of local ICT infrastructure and does not require a LAN-connection.